Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Have a Confession..

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I like to think I keep a relatively clean home.. But Mike will be the first to tell you that is not the case.

I have a confession.
I am messy.

This is a big thing for me to admit to you guys.
I want SO badly to be one of those neat and tidy ladies.
The perfect home maker.
The perfect wife.
But I'm messy and lazy and sometimes it shows.

That being said I will usually tidy before a guest comes over.
I'll put crap in closets.
Garbage in bags.
Dishes in the dishwasher.
Okay, so some might say I "hide" some things, too.

But any other time? Stuff is everywhere. My craft area is our living room right now. There is fabric all over the couch, and odds and ends on our coffee table.

When I was little I was SO weird, I would go to friend's houses and tidy their rooms.
Organize their drawers.
Rearrange their things.
They loved it.
What happened to that girl?

I want to learn to be motivated, but I am terrified that this is something I'm not going to master. Maybe someday.. Maybe when I have a baby to take care of.. But I probably won't have the time then! I HAVE the time now, so what is WRONG with me!? I really, really, REALLY hope that I change soon. I want it to be super clean in our new home.
I want it to be beautiful.
Our first house.

Today I read a post on one of my favourite blogs, Little Miss Momma. It was basically about this same subject. Ashley (the author) chose prayer and found it helped her. Admittedly I have not tried that yet, but at the end of her entry she said this:

Try it.
Prayer, I mean.
Even if you’re not the praying type.
Even if you don’t believe in the same God I do, or any God for that matter.
Even if you’ve been disappointed in the past.
Try the form of prayer that works for you.
Maybe it’s meditation, or journal writing, or just a few moments of uninterrupted time to yourself and your thoughts. Try using this time to reconnect with your partner, to get back on the same page, and start your morning with the tools needed to equip you for your day.

That really got me.

The other day Michael spent a good 45 minutes cleaning our kitchen spotless. And tonight as I took a glass to the sink and popped some popcorn, I noticed that after having cooked dinner that spotless kitchen was a mess again, and I felt terrible. I felt like I was entirely to blame. I mean, I made the mess after all. I made the meal..

So I have decided that whenever there is something that needs to be done (cleaning, working out, packing - whatever it may be) I am going to jump on Pinterest for a quick 15 minute bout of exploration. I will look at cleaning tips and tricks, organization ideas, pictures of beautiful, clean homes. I will read Ashley's blog. I will take 15 minutes to try and motivate myself in that way. My form of prayer. And hopefully it will become routine.

I will make each day great.
I will be proactive.
I will be awesome.

I can do this.

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