Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Pretty Autumn Wreath

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For Mike's mom's birthday, in addition to her other presents, I decided to give her a wreath I had hand made. I thought it would look beautiful on her front door! And it was quite easy to make, so I thought I'd share the steps with you guys!

- GRAPEVINE WREATH (I got mine at Michaels for around $3!)
- FAKE FLOWERS (For an Autumn wreath stick to oranges, yellows, browns. I got mine at the dollar store and saved a ton of money that way!)
- GLUE STICKS (you can find these at craft stores and the dollar store!)
- RIBBON (I used two widths, one over top of the other. Stick to Autumn colours again)

Begin by wrapping the ribbon around your wreath as seen in the picture above.

Finish the wrapping with a nice fold to hide frayed edges, and secure with a dab of glue.

Create a bow. I just did a simple bow, but there are so many more beautiful bows that you could make. Here's a link to some tutorials and videos!!

Secure the bow wherever you'd like (mine is to the side) with, again, a generous dab of glue :)

Begin adding flowers. Alternate between types and sizes. I find it's easier to place the flowers in the placements you'd like prior to gluing. Once you've found a set up that you are happy with, begin gluing them one by one. You can also add a bird, if you'd like. I tucked one in on mine so it looks like he has made a home in the wreath.

aaaannnndddd, that's about it! Honestly! You will have a beautiful finished product. be sure to fluff up your bow and flowers, and clear any strings that the glue gun has left behind.

If you use this tutorial, please show me your finished product! I'd love to see!

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