Monday, November 5, 2012

How You Can Tell Your 'Manly Man' Loves You

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I don't know about you ladies, but my boyfriend is the most stereotypical "male in a relationship" that I have ever known.
He doesn't talk about feelings.
He jokes about everything.
He can't pick a card or write a love note to save his life.
He forgets things I say or things that I hint about.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is in NO way, shape, or form a rant. It's actually the opposite. I am head over heels in love with my manly enigma of a boyfriend. In fact, I think it's the fact that he isn't as open as others may be that truly makes the things he DOES do more special. That's what makes everything he does for me all the more sweet.

But since I have spent almost the entire duration of our relationship trying to decipher him, I feel I've become a bit of an expert on this subject. I thought that there MUST be other women out there who aren't sure how their emotionally reserved boyfriend feels, as well.

So I have to tell you - everything you think that he ISN'T telling you, he actually is.
Without further adieu...

How You Can Tell That Your "Manly Man" Loves You

1. He Asks About Your Life
If your boyfriend asks you about the job interview you just had, how your day with your mom was, what you thought of the movie you saw with your friends, or anything along those lines you can be pretty sure he actually cares. If he didn't, he wouldn't bother asking. Trust me. And whatever you do, don't respond with "Do you even want to know!?".

2. He Calls and/or Texts When You're Apart
I don't even care how "obvious" this seems, as soon as it's happening to you, you will forget this, I can almost guarantee it. If you find yourself sitting around, waiting for texts, and asking "Why doesn't he ever text ME?", chances are that he isn't too interested in you or the relationship. NOW, that being said, I don't mean a text every hour on the hour. What I DO mean is, if he initiates conversations with you. If in the morning he says "good morning". If he calls you for no reason. If he starts a conversation AT ALL, it is because he wants to, and he likes you. Any guy who likes you will make an effort to talk to you.

3. He Talks About You To Friends/Family
If your guy is into you, he will talk about you. And I don't mean the skeezy, d-bag talk about hooking up and what-not. I mean respectful things about the great girl he met, what she does for work, what she's like, etc. If he does that, pretty good bet he is into you. Oh, and if he's too busy doing that OTHER kind of talking, might want to consider cutting him loose!

4. He Talks About The Future
"My buddy is getting married next June, you should come with me", "Oh man, we should go to Jamaica this winter". Those are two things that a guy who is only thinking short term won't say. If he's envisioning you in his future, there's a reason for that.

5. He Asks For Your Advice
He may not take the advice you offer (Mike rarely takes mine, haha!) but if he ASKS what you think, he values your opinion, and trusts you enough to open up to you. Always be honest, don't say what you think he wants to hear. He will value your honesty, and your help, whether he applies your suggestion or not.

6. He Says So
Most guys don't throw those 3 words around. Some people believe that the more someone tells you they love you, the less special it is. I disagree. When a man tells you he loves you, it means something to him. He feels it. Believe me that the more you hear it, the more he feels it. He may not say it out of nowhere as often as you'd like, but even if he says it on his way out the door for work, or if he says it at the end of every phone call, it doesn't mean any less to him. Guys are generally pretty straight forward, and they speak their minds.

I don't want anyone to consider these tips the be all and end all of deciphering their boyfriend. There are always exceptions to every rule! These are just some of the ways I have learned that my boyfriend shows his feelings (besides physical affection and presents).

Does your boyfriend do these? Or anything different?
Let me know!

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  1. I love this! I have a "manly man" myself and after years of dating men more effeminate than me, it's really quite the change. I enjoyed reading this and I need to rest assured that my honey does love me and I can stop trying to decipher him all the time.